Graymoor Lane Designs traces its roots to 1956 --- to a remarkable Mid-Century Modern home on Graymoor Lane in Olympia Fields and the family who lived there. Sixty years later, the family’s second daughter and her daughter were compelled to share their deep appreciation of the elegance and simplicity of Mid-Century Modern design. This tribute to the family’s passion for great, simple design has taken form in a lovingly-created and exquisitely-crafted fine jewelry collection for today’s modern woman. The collection’s eponymous name is Graymoor Lane Designs. Over the years, Mid-Century Modern design in architecture, art, furniture and home furnishings has been well integrated into the American mainstream. Now, Graymoor Lane Designs brings Mid-Century inspired fine jewelry to the forefront. This exciting new collection balances an authentic design aesthetic with contemporary lifestyles at accessible price points. The clean elegant lines are perfectly matched to the busy and varied lives of present-day women. The family behind Graymoor Lane Designs is proud to share their story, their inspirations and their love and appreciation of this elegant, exciting, modern, yet timeless, design tradition. Graymoor Lane: Jewelry to live by.

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